Sisters of Mary of Kakamega (SMK) in Africa and Oregon (USA)

The Sisters of Mary of Kakamega welcome you!

Sisters of Mary of Kakamega (SMK) is a Religious Congregation that was founded with the aim of spreading the Good News and fostering the education of the African women so as to uplift their standards of living in a world where they seemed to be completely marginalized by their male counterparts.
The Congregation was started by the late Bishop Brandsma, a Mill Hill Missionary in 1932 in the Diocese of Kakamega in Kenya. He requested the help of the Ursuline Sisters from Bergen-Holland as to assist with the religious formation of the African girls who wished to become sisters. Some of these young girls were also trained as religious nuns to help other girls and women to learn to be self-sufficient in order to enhance and improve their standards of living.
The congregation started off with only five girls in 1932 but today they have grown to approximately 350 Sisters. With time and God's blessing, the congregation has spread beyond this diocese and has 76 houses opened up in Kakamega, and in other dioceses in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sudan and now in the USA.

In 2009, The Most Reverend Bishop Robert Vasa invited the Sisters of Mary of Kakamega to the Baker Diocese. Rev. Maureen Oyiolo, Mother Superior S.O.M. visited the Diocese and soon arrangements were made for the Sisters to come. This was a fulfillment of the 10th General Chapter held in 2005 which recommended Sisters to move out as Missionaries to other parts of the world to share Christ with others.

We wish to express our gratitude to Most Reverend Robert Vasa who granted us an opportunity to share the Gospel and our Faith with God's people in the new culture of Baker diocese.
On May 18th, 2012 the Diocese of Baker ordained our seventh bishop in a beautiful ceremony at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Bend. We wish to congratulate and welcome Bishop Liam Stephen Cary. Our prayers for his well-being and his work in leading our Diocese are with Bishop Cary.

The Sisters of Mary of Kakamega express our thanks to Diocesan Administrator Bishop William Skylstad for his support during his months overseeing the Diocese. God Bless you, Bishop Skylstad.

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